Online Poker On A Budget: Tips From The Great Depression

If more than one player has reached the showdown, then the cards are opened and the combinations of players are compared with each other. The bank is taken by the player who has a stronger combination.If only one player reached the showdown, then he takes the entire bank.

If two or more players have equal 먹튀검증업체 combinations, the pot is divided evenly between these players. (This situation is called sharing – from the English split pot – to split the bank).

In poker, there is a rule according to which a player participates in the game only with the money that he has on the stack (stack – the number of chips of this particular player at the table). You can replenish the stack only between distributions. You cannot take money from the stack – you can only leave the table with this money.

As mentioned earlier, if a player runs out of money on the stack during the trading process, he continues to participate in the distribution, but does not participate in further trading and thus an additional or side bank (or banks) is formed on the table.

Actions of players at the poker table

Each player, depending on the activity of bidding, can take one of the following actions:

To place, or “make a bet” (from the English bet ) – place a bet;

Raise, “raise” (from the English Raise – raise) – increase the bet – bet more than your opponents put. In other words, raise the previous bid.Re-raise, “re-raise” (from the English Reraise) is an action in the trade that raises the bet already increased by the previous player.

Answer, “make a call” or “call” (from the English Call – answer) – bet as much as your opponent put, i.e. equalize. In other words, this is an action during a trade when a player delivers (calls) chips to the size of the previous player’s bet;Check, check , “check”, “check” (English Check – check) – do not increase the bet, leave it “as is”.

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